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Stunned by sorrow

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The Woodspurge: Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1856)

The wind flapp'd loose, the wind was still,
Shaken out dead from tree and hill:
I had walk'd on at the wind's will,—
I sat now, for the wind was still.

Between my knees my forehead was,—
My lips, drawn in, said not Alas!
My hair was over in the grass,
My naked ears heard the day pass.

My eyes, wide open, had the run
Of some ten weeds to fix upon;
Among those few, out of the sun,
The woodspurge flower'd, three cups in one.

From perfect grief there need not be
Wisdom or even memory:
One thing then learnt remains to me,—
The woodspurge has a cup of three.

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  1. Eleanor

    Welcome back. I was wondering what happened. I really liked the four books of the “Hounds of Annwn” series and the first chapter from “Structures of Earth” so I’ve been checking in from time to time. I’m glad you are still writing.

    March 25, 2015
    • Thanks, Eleanor! I got carried away with the social media experiment and some other things, and just had to rein all of that back in.

      I’m having lots of fun with The Chained Adept and it should be out in April/May. Then I have to decide what’s next: Structures of Earth, or book 2 of The Chained Adept. I may alternate between them the rest of the year.

      I’m not done with The Hounds of Annwn, either, but I wanted to get some more plates spun up in the air first to widen my footprint. I’m working hard on pushing productivity consistently (3-4 books/year).

      March 25, 2015

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