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Broken Devices

Karen Myers

Book 3 of The Chained Adept

Chains without wizards and a rising count of the dead.

The largest city in the world has just discovered its missing wizards. It seems the Kigali empire has ignited a panic that threatens internal ruin and the only chained wizard it knows that’s still alive is Penrys.

The living wizards and the dead are not her people, not unless she makes them so. All they have in common is a heavy chain and a dead past — the lives that were stolen from them are beyond recall.

Cover for Broken Devices

What remains are unanswered questions about who made them this way. And why. And what Penrys plans to do to find out.

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Broken Devices

Publication date: July 12, 2016. 318 pages.
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The World of The Chained Adept

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The World as a Steppe Hound

The World as a steppe hound

Kigali and its neighbors

Kigali and its neighbors

The route of the Grand Caravan & Yenit Ping

The Southern Continent

Important locations in the Southern Continent

Ellech, in the North

Ellech, in the North