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Upgrading website

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Thanks to Google's forced “you vill be ready for ze mobile-friendly cutoff date of April 21 or you vill lose most of your ranking in searches” ultimatum, this website may look a little wonky over the next couple of days as I try out some different templates that are acceptable to our Google overlords.

My blog has moved

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twin-bulldogsAs I begin my second year as a writer, I've started to take steps to further professionalize my publisher presence. What that means, in practice, is that I am separating my Author activities from my Publisher ones.

Hollow Lands is my new Author site, where I will maintain my blog, provide all sorts of extras and goodies for my books, and offer special “direct from the author” deals. Perkunas Press will remain my Publisher site, where I will reformat the book offerings into more of a catalogue form. Right now Perkunas Press only publishes the works of one author (me), but that could change, and likely will.

All of the blog articles so far, and all of your comments, have been copied to this site. The old links will still work, but each of the old posts and stories will point to the new ones here. When you click on the banner for Hollow Lands, you will end up on the “Home” page, which is this blog. If you've been getting RSS or other feeds from Perkunas Press, you will want to point to Hollow Lands instead (or as well), since all the blog posts will come from here.

There will be a “latest works” front page for Perkunas Press, but no blog. Each book page will be streamlined there, and some other commercial stuff will be added. It will take a little while for all the changes to be made to the Perkunas Press site, so please be patient.

If you have signed up for the newsletter, don't worry — the same newsletter will be used for both sites and you don't have to do anything. (And if you haven't signed up for the newsletter, I encourage you to do so).

Most of my blog posts are for my readers, but occasionally I post something intended for fellow writers. I've given those posts their own place, under “Just for Writers” in the menu.


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Almost 20 years ago, Perkunas Press was created to print and distribute a songbook of 100 traditional works arranged for multiple voices. And when I consolidate all my geographically scattered storage units, that book will again be for sale, from its original printing. As you might infer, I am an amateur musician.

But I am also a writer. Today I have started the first book in my Epic Fantasy series: the Hounds of Annwn. The release will be in the Autumn of 2012, and I am looking to sharing some of this adventure with my readers.

In the wonderful new world of indie publishing there are dozens of new skills to learn, from book and cover design, to eBook and print layouts, to marketing and distribution. This blog will mostly be directed to my readers, the ones for whom my books are written, rather than to the many fine writers who are so diligent about helping us find our way in this new world.