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The Hounds of Annwn Bundle (Books 1-2)

Karen Myers

A bundle of books from The Hounds of Annwn

To Carry the Horn – Book 1 of The Hounds of Annwn

New job, new family, and in two weeks the end of a world he's just discovered, if he can't rise to the challenge.

George Talbot Traherne is just doing his job on a fine autumn morning, keeping the hounds together for the huntsman of the Rowanton Hunt in Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountain. Doesn’t pay to get distracted by a white stag in unfamiliar territory, though. Next thing you know, you might find yourself… somewhere else.

The land is the same but not the people. Their huntsman has just been murdered, and George is tapped for the job. It’s an emergency — the Wild Hunt is only two weeks away, and if it doesn’t happen on schedule, the antlered god Cernunnos will take the realm from its ruler Gwyn ap Nudd and find someone who can mete out justice with the Hounds of Hell in his place. Click for more…

The Ways of Winter – Book 2 of The Hounds of Annwn

Trapped behind enemy lines, can he find the strength to defend all that he values most, or even just to survive?

It’s the dead of winter and George Talbot Traherne, the new human huntsman for the Wild Hunt, is in trouble. The damage in Gwyn ap Nudd's domain reveals the deadly powers of a dangerous foe who has mastered an unstoppable weapon and threatens the fae dominions in both the new and the old worlds.

Secure in his unbreachable stronghold, the enemy holds hostages and has no compunction about using them in deadly experiments with newly discovered way-technology. Only George has a chance to reach him in time to prevent the loss of thousands of lives, even if it costs him everything. Click for more…

The Hounds of Annwn Bundle (Books 1-2)

Publication date: December 31, 2016. 1935 pages.
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Editorial Reviews

Karen Myers’ substantive knowledge of venery and her credible interpretation of the interplay between man, hound, and quarry provide a satisfying and authentic foundation for her imaginative and enjoyable stories.
Foxhunting Life