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A quick look at the news — writing and publishing

Posted in Artwork, and Publishing

Cartoon of a busy writerI haven't been able to produce much in the way of blogging for the last couple of months because I've been buried in writing and publishing work (and that's the way it should be).


On the writing front, I'm just about done with the Fragments of Lightning, the second book of The Affinities of Magic. The webpages will be updated when the final scene is written and I have time to do the book description, images, and so forth. I plan on writing the third book, and starting the fourth before I begin releasing them in quick succession, starting circa December/January.


As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm also beginning to publish the works of some colleagues of mine and tooling up as a small publisher. This means, in several cases, the creation of new imprints, since the works aren't necessarily appropriate for Perkunas Press, not being fantasy or science fiction. Last fall saw the first release for Bent Twig Books, a memoir My Bipolar Life.

Right now, I'm working simultaneously on publishing two works. One is a bit of Christian visionary fiction for Sound the Trumpet Press, called Comes a Redeemer, by Tolkien scholar Jared Lobdell. And the other is a work by the great naturalist writer, Steve Bodio for Behind the Ranges Press — his first novel, Tiger Country.

In each case, these three works are the first for their imprints, so there's very little information for the imprints and, in the latter two cases, the book pages are under construction pending release. But you can take a look at the draft covers (mockups), and there will be more to tell you as each book is published this year.
Image of 2 draft book covers

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  1. Your friends are lucky to have you be their publisher.

    If you consider doing more (and I’m assuming you will do more that just produce a finished book), please let me know – you have an awful lot in hand that I have only dreams of so far.

    And it sounds like you’re taking on some heavy-duty authors; that would definitely suit.

    Best wishes for you endeavors – may you prosper!

    August 15, 2018
  2. These colleagues of mine are traditionally published but for various reasons are finding it difficult to get interest from those publishers and ill-suited for going completely indie themselves. I am providing the role of “let’s get you indie-published” from their completed manuscripts, and they know me well enough that they are comfortable with my tooling up period for which I am offering unusually good terms.

    I am not, for example, offering services such as developmental or structural editing — these are experienced authors and have no need of that. Nor can I offer traditional-publishing-style proactive stocking of print copies in book stores — this is very much an indie sort of arrangement.

    I am open to publishing others (and I have a couple of other old colleagues in the wings, too) while I get up to speed with these first. I haven’t opened for a general publishing business yet.

    August 15, 2018

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