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Month: September 2015

Re-reading old favorites

Posted in Characters, and Heroes

Leisure Hours, (oil on panel) by Croegaert, Georges (1848-1923); 23.5x33 cm; Private Collection; ( Leisure Hours. Georges Croegaert (1848-1923). Oil on panel. 23.5 x 33cm.); Photo © Christie's Images; Belgian,  out of copyright
Leisure Hours, (oil on panel) by Croegaert, Georges (1848-1923); Belgian

It's a common bit of advice to write the books you want to read, and I think that makes good sense. Of course, if you're going to do that, it helps to understand why you like the books you like, so that you can put more of that into your own stories.

I enjoy many different sorts of books, and I read hundreds each year (no, really) and like lots of them. However, my re-read list of favorites that reliably engage me over and over is actually quite short. It's thoroughly idiosyncratic and includes a few guilty pleasures (like everyone's list).

My frequently re-read favorites

Now don't laugh…