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Cover update for Structures of Earth

Posted in Artwork, Structures of Earth, and The Affinities of Magic

Draft before final painting
Draft before final painting

My cover artist, Jake Bullock, has been very busy running through draft versions of the cover for the first book in the new series, The Affinities of Magic. It's been great fun working through this with him, and I thought you might enjoy an update on the process as he moves on to the final version. My requirements…

  • The back covers of the novels will be the front covers for short stories and story collections
  • Every story will include a discovery in the study of bio-magic, so every story or book will include a vignette of an animal, plant, whatever, that is the basis for the discovery
  • There will be an internal illustration of the critter, plant, whatsis inside each story
  • Every novel cover will include the mother house of the Torch & Scroll guild, now fallen on very hard times with its last master. The rise of fortune (or its setback) will be reflected in each new novel.

For Structures of Earth, the vignette shows a burrowing rodent-like critter, the study of which will lead to some amazing insights, rather like Gregor Mendel's experiments with peas.

The cover illustrations in this post are intermediate drafts. The Author font will change to match all of my books, and many painted details will be added to both the background and the Title/Series text.

You can see more of Jake's work here.
Full Cover-2

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  1. Nancy

    I saw your comment over at TPV and had to come over.

    I have to say – what a fabulous concept! I’m the type of person that notices stuff like buildings having makeovers, however slight. The artist’s work looks really beautiful; no wonder you’re so ecstatic.

    When’s it due to come out?

    March 14, 2014
  2. I’ve just started on it, so it will be a couple of months, at least. I got the final cover from Jake this afternoon, so stay tuned for another blog post in a day or so.

    i figure each novel will show the building improving (or perhaps a setback, like a fire or explosion), so that the covers laid side by side will show an amusing progression. The main guild hall behind will get a clean up and reopen as a Academy, too. (What you see is the servant’s quarters, where everyone is currently huddled.)

    March 14, 2014

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