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Lessons learned in 2012 / Goals for 2013

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As 2012 rolls on down to a close, I'm moved to reflect on what this year has been like.

I began writing fiction in April and have just published the second book in the Hounds of Annwn series. I can hardly believe it myself. I only wish I had taken the plunge sooner.

I resurrected an old business (Perkunas Press), built it a website, did a crash tour of thought leaders in the new world of independent publishing, and took the first steps toward professional writing.

270,000 words later, I feel like I'm just getting started. I've gotten my books listed in a few dozen online channels, but I've barely scratched the surface of distribution in libraries and independent bookstores. I've started a newsletter, but it's a long way to the famous “1000 fans” that make the foundation of a career — and I must earn them one at a time with the best writing I can produce, the best stories, the highest quality, and constant improvement. It's a challenge.

The feedback I've been getting from individuals and editorial reviews has been very encouraging, but I have almost no reader reviews in online retailers, and I need to concentrate on coaxing that from my readers.

I intend to put up two more books in 2013, more if I can. The next will be the third book in my first series. There's likely to be a fourth, maybe more, and I have a second fantasy series in mind, too. Since I like to end each book with the a sample of the first chapter from the next one, I've already had to start book three in order to complete book two. Soon I'll be able to stop shepherding the new release through the publication and review channels and return to the fun stuff: making up worlds and telling stories about the people in them.

My medium-range plan is to have ten full-length books out by the end of 2016, or more, in three series. Should be possible!

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  1. Tenshu

    Dear Ms. Myers: You are a SPECTACULAR writer, and that’s coming from one who ain’t bad. 😉 I’ve been intrigued by the Wild Hunt since I read “The Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds” at age 14, and am just finishing your first novel and waiting for the second to arrive. Here’s wishing you all the best in your ongoing efforts, and I’m watching your independent marketing process with interest as well. Hark forrard!

    February 14, 2013
  2. Thanks very much, Tenshu. I suspect it was you who left that nice comment on Amazon, too. I hope you enjoy The Ways of Winter; I’ll be interested to hear. I’ve added you to my newsletter so you’ll hear about the next release (you can always unsubscribe) — hope you don’t mind.

    It means a lot to hear someone say this. Most of what I see is how far short I am of what I want to be as a writer. But it’s all so much fun, there’s no danger of me stopping.

    February 14, 2013

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