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Almost 20 years ago, Perkunas Press was created to print and distribute a songbook of 100 traditional works arranged for multiple voices. And when I consolidate all my geographically scattered storage units, that book will again be for sale, from its original printing. As you might infer, I am an amateur musician.

But I am also a writer. Today I have started the first book in my Epic Fantasy series: the Hounds of Annwn. The release will be in the Autumn of 2012, and I am looking to sharing some of this adventure with my readers.

In the wonderful new world of indie publishing there are dozens of new skills to learn, from book and cover design, to eBook and print layouts, to marketing and distribution. This blog will mostly be directed to my readers, the ones for whom my books are written, rather than to the many fine writers who are so diligent about helping us find our way in this new world.

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