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About Karen Myers

Photo: Sarah Dane, 2015
Photo: Sarah Dane, 2015

Karen Myers is the author of the best-selling novel To Carry the Horn, the first entry in the series The Hounds of Annwn, a contemporary Wild Hunt fantasy set in a fae otherworld version of the Virginia Piedmont. She is currently working on a new fantasy series: The Affinities of Magic, following a young wizard who launches an industrial revolution of magic. More information is available at Perkunas Press.

Her stories have been published in Strange Horizons, Virginia Living, Virginia Sportsman, and Foxhunting Life.

A graduate of Yale University from Kansas City, Karen has lived with her husband, David Zincavage, in Connecticut, New York, Chicago, California, and more recently in the lovely foxhunting country of Virginia where they followed the activities of the Blue Ridge Hunt, the Old Dominion Hounds, the Ashland Bassets, the Wolver Beagles, and many other fine hunts.

Karen's professional hunt country photography can be found at KLM Images. She writes, photographs, and fiddles from her log cabin in the Allegheny mountains of central Pennsylvania and can be contacted at

Email: Karen L Myers

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